10 Top Apps for Teachers in 2015

Back to School is fast approaching and after the summer, every teacher reconvenes to their second home and prepares to educate many different people of all shapes and backgrounds. No two people learn the same and it is important to adapt the learning to the growing minds of students. This article will list the top 10 apps for teachers to enhance teaching and make sure their students, and themselves, are getting the best out of their classrooms.

  1. Evernote –Essential for an efficient teacher… Evernote is a great app that allows you to organise lesson plans, PowerPoints, photos, and other tools. It’s a free application that everyone should utilise.
  2. Class Dojo – This is an app that lets everyone get in on the same page within the class room. It encourages students to stay on tasks, allows you to instant message the students’ parents, and even lets you talk to groups of people at one time. It’s one of the best communication tools on the market.
  3. Duolingo –The Quick, Easy and Free Way to Learn A Language … The free language learning app Duolingo is the best free online language-learning program you can find. Unique features and a clear structure make it a compelling platform.
  4. Edmodo – This app comes with unlimited storage and allows you to create groups, assign people homework, and even schedule quizzes. It really gives you a great tool to create a classroom outside the classroom.
  5. Show Me – Show Me lets you show your work and get your students on the same page as you when it comes to problem solving.
  6. Teacher’s Gradebook – If you have ever struggled with keeping track of everyone’s grades, this is a great app that allows you to be efficient with keeping them in check. You can even calculate averages and manage attendance.
  7. Class Messenger – This app allows you to make taking notes home with kids even more effective than ever before. Teachers can send reminders about assignments and other things home with their kids to keep parents in the loop better than ever before.
  8. TED – This is an app that helps parents and even other teachers see the ideas of others firsthand to maybe utilise it in the classroom or at least witness the passion of other people firsthand.
  9. PBS Kids Video – This is just a fun educational app that students can use that may help them break out of their comfort zone and have fun learning.
  10. Pocket – Pocket is a social media site that lets you pool items from other places such as Twitter, Facebook, and Flipboard and integrates it with research projects and homework.

All of these applications, and many others, are great for teachers. Please share any other great apps or tools you find useful by adding them to the EdTech Directoy.