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Dropbox is one of the many cloud-based solutions for storage and sharing. It’s popular because of its features, price, and the fact that it works across devices, platforms, and over the web.

Open a free account at https://www.dropbox.com. You can easily store files in a Dropbox folder from any device and set sharing permissions for the folder. Depending on the intended usage, you can keep the folder private, share it with individual Dropbox users, or make it available to anyone with the link. Some of the ways Dropbox can be used include the following:

Distributing information: Pushing information out to students is a piece of cake. Select the folder or file you want to share, tap the Share icon, and select Copy Link. Distribute the link to students or anyone else to whom you’d like to grant access. The other person doesn’t even need a Dropbox account.

Submitting work: There are definitely more efficient ways to collect work from students. However, if you’re in a pinch, students can submit their work without having an account as long as they have access to email. What’s the secret? Check our http://sendtodropbox.com. Sign up and it creates an email address for your Dropbox account. Anyone can email content to that email address, and it’s automatically filed in your Dropbox.

Please note: Dropbox doesn’t have any administrative options for setting up and maintaining different accounts and folders for students. We wouldn’t recommend creating and using a single class-room Dropbox account on every student iPad, as that gives the student the ability to accidentally move or delete anyone’s folder and files.