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How often have you sat through presentations where the presenter read text off projected slides? I have a feeling that you were a little less than captivated by the presentation.

Learning how to deliver an engaging presentation is incredibly valuable at any age. It develops and exercises vital communication skills that are necessary throughout life.

The formula for an absorbing presentation isn’t composed of lists of bullet points, dazzling slide transitions and animations. It helps to keep some simple rules in mind when creating your presentation.

  • Less is more – keep your slide text to a minimum.
  • Use imaginative visuals – memorable, eye-catching slides. Slides with large, striking images can deliver a message far more effectively than long lines of text.
  • Challenge your audience to think – pose questions and encourage participation.
  • Prepare and Rehearse – confidence and composure creates a more convincing presentation. Well-developed communication skills that include voice projection, pitch and pace, well-timed pauses, humour, and eye contact. We focus very heavily on written communication skills in school but rarely spend much time developing these key oral communication abilities.

Haiku Deck is a completely new kind of presentation software, making telling a story simple, beautiful, and fun! It is the perfect app to help teachers or students develop engaging, image-based presentations that capture the attention of the audience.